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ADDP Government Relations Liaisons

What is a Government Relations Liaison (GRL)?
A GRL is an Active Duty Dental Program benefits expert.

What does a GRL do?
GRLs are liaisons for Government representatives working with the referral and authorization process and provide guidance and insight on the processes, systems and terminology of the ADDP. GRLs will come to military installations, military dental treatment facilities (DTFs), or other Government facilities to train staff on the ADDP and United Concordia's systems. In addition, GRLs will provide ADDP benefit briefings and exhibit displays to active duty units desiring ADDP information. Request these informational events by contacting your GRL.

Why do I need to know my GRL?
In addition to promoting and educating DTF staff and active duty service members about the ADDP, one of the GRL's main responsibilities is to support and assist those participating in the ADDP.

Most issues can be resolved quickly and thoroughly through our team of Dental Care Finders at 1-866-984-ADDP (2337). It is important that you contact a Dental Care Finder prior to engaging a GRL. This will ensure prompt attention to your particular question or concern since the GRLs spend a majority of their time traveling to and from meetings, briefings, and conferences in support of ADDP education and promotion. A GRL can, however, help with explaining how to submit a referral, how a claim was paid or why it was denied, error/problem resolution, ADDP contract benefits and exclusions, and making an appointment with a civilian dentist.

How do I find my GRL?
Each GRL is responsible for a region that includes multiple states and territories, including Guam and Puerto Rico. Government representatives can find a phone number for their GRL using the United Concordia Government Relations Liaison map.