** Notice for ADDP Members Impacted by Natural Disasters **

United Concordia is dedicated to helping ADDP members impacted by natural disasters. We realize you are wrestling with many issues and concerns in light of this tragedy - your dental care shouldn't be one of them.

If you have been displaced as a result of a natural disaster and your ADDP benefits and/or access to care have been affected, please contact us at 1-866-984-2337. We are committed to helping our enrollees affected by tragedy. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can be of assistance.

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Make an Appointment - Remote (Routine Care)

Remote ADSMs may personally coordinate their routine (non-specialty dental care such as examinations, cleanings, fillings) covered dental services* as long as the dental treatment is less than $750 per procedure or appointment or the cumulative total is less than $1,500 for treatment plans completed within a consecutive 12-month period.

*A listing of covered benefits, to include specialty care, is available in the Benefits section of this Website. Not all dental procedures are covered under the Remote ADDP. If you elect to receive non-covered services, you are responsible for payment.

The following information provides detailed instructions on the steps necessary to receive an appointment with a civilian dentist. For more information, consult the online tutorial for Remote ADSMs.

To coordinate their routine dental care, ADSMs must receive an instant Appointment Control Number (ACN) by completing an  ACN Request Form. The ACN is provided by United Concordia and must be obtained prior to receipt of all private sector dental care.

After receiving an ACN, ADSMs may schedule an appointment with a United Concordia network dentist. They can use our Find a Dentist tool to locate a dentist near them.

If ADSMs have difficulty getting an appointment within 21 calendar days of request, they can contact United Concordia at 1-866-984-ADDP (2337).