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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Frequently Asked Questions


What is Electronic Funds Transfer?

Electronic Funds Transfer is an automated method of issuing payments, also known as direct deposit. Instead of sending checks in the mail for services rendered to our members, funds are transferred from United Concordia directly to your bank account.


Are there any fees related to EFT?

United Concordia does not charge any fees for EFT. However, we encourage you to check with your bank to determine if it applies any fees to EFT.


What happens when EFT is set up?

Claim payments will post directly to your office’s bank account, and you’ll no longer receive paper EOBs or checks. All Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) and claim payment information will be available on our website, in our Payments & EOBs tool.


How do I enroll in EFT?

Sign in with your User ID and Password via the Dentists Portal on UnitedConcordia.com and click on Electronic Funds Transfer.  Select ‘Step 1 - Request PIN’ and a message will be displayed that your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is being sent to your practice’s mailing address. The PIN will arrive within 7 to 10 days from the date of the request. When you receive your PIN, log in once again and enter your PIN and banking information to activate EFT.  After EFT is activated, you will see all of the offices and doctors actively assigned to your Provider Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employee Identification Number (EIN) in our system. This is the same TIN/EIN used to register your user ID.


When will I receive payments via EFT?

After you enroll in EFT, you will begin to receive all of your claim payments via EFT. Payments will generally post to your bank account on Tuesday after the regularly scheduled Thursday cycle (except potentially on holidays, etc.).


Can multiple dentists be included in EFT enrollment?

Yes. All dentists actively associated to the TIN or EIN can be simultaneously enrolled in EFT. You must access the EFT registration page by signing in with the user ID and password associated with the group TIN/EIN. *You may opt to enroll all dentists associated with the group TIN/EIN or only apply EFT to selected dentists.

If the dentists in your office submit claims under individual TINs/EINs, you will need to enroll each TIN/EIN for EFT.


What information will I need to enroll in EFT?

You will need a United Concordia user ID and password, a PIN, in which you will request as the first Step of enrolling in EFT, your Financial Institution’s Routing Number, Provider's Account Number with Financial Institution, and Type of Account at Financial Institution.


Where do I find my routing and account numbers?

On personal checks—Your bank’s 9-digit Financial Institution Routing Number will be the first set of numbers on the bottom left. The 10-digit Provider's Account Number with Financial Institution will follow after the Financial Institution Routing Number.

On corporate checks—Your bank’s 9-digit Financial Institution Routing Number will be the second set of numbers (the first set will be the check number). The 10-digit Provider’s Account Number with Financial Institution will be the last set of numbers found on the bottom right.

Can other users from my practice access my EFT information?

Our EFT system is designed to allow an authorized user to access your EFT account via our secure website.  It's recommended that you setup a specific User ID and password that would only be used to view, add, change, or remove your banking information.  In order to activate a User ID, a PIN must be requested and entered.


How do I edit or remove EFT?

Select EFT in the Dentists section of our website, sign in and access the Electronic Funds Transfer option in the Dentist's Tools section. After you access the View/Update screen you can select the provider(s) you wish to edit or remove and the corresponding action. 

Note: EFT will automatically be deactivated if your Provider Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) changes or if your provider number is purged in our system.


Why isn’t my payment posting to my bank account?

This can happen when the Provider’s Account Number with the Financial Institution differs from the number assigned by your bank. This could be because you typed the number into the EFT system incorrectly, or because the bank changed the number. Contact your bank to verify the numbers and use the Update Information option within the EFT tool to make any corrections. Note that banks can occasionally change the Financial Institution Routing Number and the Provider’s Account Number with Financial Institution and generally should notify offices of the change.

If payments can't be posted to the bank account, an administrative check will be paid to the office; this could take one to two weeks.


Whom should I contact if I have any other EFT questions?

You can call United Concordia’s Dental Electronic Services Department at 1-800-633-5430 with any EFT questions. They are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, Monday–Friday.