** Notice for ADDP Members Impacted by Natural Disasters **

United Concordia is dedicated to helping ADDP members impacted by natural disasters. We realize you are wrestling with many issues and concerns in light of this tragedy - your dental care shouldn't be one of them.

If you have been displaced as a result of a natural disaster and your ADDP benefits and/or access to care have been affected, please contact us at 1-866-984-2337. We are committed to helping our enrollees affected by tragedy. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can be of assistance.

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PPO Network Credentialing

United Concordia's credentialing process is intended to ensure that ADSMs who select a participating dentist anywhere in the country can be confident that the dentist has met minimal, uniform requirements.

The process involves a screening of dentists applying for participation (selection) and a regular evaluation of those already a part of our networks (retention). The decision to accept or retain a dentist is based on all available information.

To be eligible to participate in United Concordia's ADDP Dental Network a dentist must:

  1. Demonstrate a Utilization Review Pattern acceptable to United Concordia.
  2. Complete a signed Participating Dentist Agreement with United Concordia Companies, Inc.
  3. Complete a Participating Credentialing Application.
  4. Hold an active, valid license to practice dentistry in the state(s) in which he/she practices.
  5. Hold current professional liability insurance.
  6. Have no current sanction, termination or other peer review action by a professional review body; state dental board or Health and Human Service.
  7. Hold an active unrestricted federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) certificate, if applicable.