** Important information for Active Duty Service Members**

COVID-19 update: To ensure the safety of both patients and dental staff, the American Dental Association is asking that all elective (non-emergency) dental procedures be postponed at this time. Click here for more information on dental emergencies.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency (emergency dental care includes any treatment necessary to relieve pain, treat infection, or control bleeding) you should:

  • Call United Concordia’s dental emergency line at 1-800-858-0051*

* Note that this line is to be used for dental emergencies only.  It is available Sunday, 6:00 pm - Friday, 10:00 pm, Eastern Time.

You may also seek care for a dental emergency from your closest emergency room; however, please understand that the healthcare system may be overwhelmed with medical patients at this time and it is recommended that you contact your dentist and/or United Concordia for assistance.

** Important information for dentists.** Learn more.

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Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP) - 
   Benefits Administration, not Dental Insurance

In an effort to provide United Concordia network dentists with a better understanding of the ADDP, we produced this article. It appeared in the most recent dentist newsletter, Connection - Fall/Winter 2009.

United Concordia began administration of the Department of Defense's ADDP on Aug. 1, 2009. The ADDP provides private sector dental care for active duty service members (ADSMs) who are either referred from a military dental treatment facility (DTF) or are remotely located (do not reside or work within 50 miles of a DTF).

The primary goal of the ADDP is to ensure ADSMs are dentally ready for worldwide deployment. United Concordia's participating dentists are critical to attaining this goal by providing much needed dental services for our forces.

The ADDP is a benefits administration program, not a dental insurance policy. ADSMs will have no out-of-pocket costs for authorized ADDP covered services. United Concordia will reimburse participating dentists at 100 percent of the Maximum Allowable Charge Schedule for the location where the service was performed. Further, there are no annual maximums or cost-shares and no out-of-network benefit.

Covered services include most ADA CDT codes; however, there are frequency limitations and pre-approvals required for remote ADSMs. Please see the Fast Facts article in this issue (on page 6) or visit www.addp-ucci.com for more information on benefits and a comprehensive list of covered services. Additionally, the ADDP Website contains tutorials specifically developed for participating dental offices. To access these tutorials from the Home Page:

  • Select the "Civilian Dentist" portal
  • Click on the ADDP Program Training tab on the left navigation bar

You have the option of two tutorials: one for overall ADDP program information and another that provides specifics on United Concordia's online authorization process - the Dental Referral and Authorization Tracker (DART®+) system.

United Concordia thanks you for your support of our active duty members through the ADDP. Your dedication to their family members and National Guard/Reserve members and their families enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) is also greatly appreciated. Since 1996, your partnership with United Concordia has ensured dental care for over 1.9 million TDP enrollees.