**United Concordia is dedicated to helping Active Duty Service Members impacted by natural disasters throughout the country. We realize you are wrestling with many issues and concerns in light of the current situation - your dental care shouldn’t be one of them.

If your dental treatment has been impacted by a natural disaster, please contact United Concordia’s disaster line at 1-800-858-0051 to locate a dentist and get answers to any questions regarding dental coverage. Please let us know you’ve been affected by the disasters when you call.**

**  Notice of System Maintenance **
In order to improve our service to you, we are performing system maintenance on Friday, January 21st, 2022 9:00 PM EDT until Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 6:00 AM EDT. Certain functions may not be available during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.
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A Commitment to Integrity

Building a strong reputation is difficult, but losing it is easy. That is particularly true today as the health care industry, including health insurers, is under increasing scrutiny. Questionable or unlawful acts quickly erode public confidence, causing our customers to lose trust in us.

At United Concordia, we embrace our Corporate values. We recognize that it is not enough to merely comply with laws and regulations. We believe it is imperative to abide by the highest ethical standards in serving our constituents and community. Therefore, it is important that we do not lose sight of one basic principle of integrity - We care not only for the end result, but how it is obtained. This means conducting ourselves with integrity in everything we do.

The responsibilities and expectations found in the Code of Business Conduct are not new. United Concordia's Code of Business Conduct forms the backbone of our ethical culture. In fact, over the years it has become the cornerstone of United Concordia's commitment to integrity and one of United Concordia's core values. In the Web pages at the links below, you will find our Code of Business Conduct that embodies our commitment to integrity and ethical business conduct. We invite you to partner with us by holding us accountable to these higher ethical standards. This will allow us to preserve and strengthen our long tradition as an ethical organization.

United Concordia's Values

  • United in Our Vision and Mission
  • Uncompromising in our Integrity
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • Committed to your Employees and the Communities We Serve
  • Focused on Our Customers

United Concordia's Principles of Integrity

  • Personal and professional integrity is and has been our most important value;
  • We care not only for the end result but also how it's obtained;
  • We are honest and forthright. We observe all laws and regulations. But lawful behavior is not quite enough; ethical behavior is our standard;
  • We trust our instincts to tell us that something is not quite right and we ask questions whenever in doubt to ensure a proper course of action;
  • Customer. provider and supplier relations are the cornerstones of our business. They must be built upon credibility and mutual respect;
  • We demand ethical conduct in all of our activities; and,
  • We do the right thing.

A Commitment To Integrity, United Concordia Values and United Concordia's Principles of Integrity

United Concordia's Code of Business Conduct

Contact the Integrity Office