** Important COVID-19 information for DTFs and Active Duty Service Members**
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** Important COVID-19 information for dentists.** Learn more.

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Important COVID-19 Updates

DTFs that wish to refer dental care under the ADDP should follow applicable State guidelines. In states where routine dental care is permitted, DTFs should limit referred procedures to those required to establish or maintain dental readiness. Additionally, DTFs and active duty service members should weigh the risks and benefits of treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Active Duty Service Members:

As some States are relaxing their dental-procedure restrictions in some or all of their counties, the ADA recommends referring to applicable State guidelines to determine the dental care available for your area.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency (emergency dental care includes any treatment necessary to relieve pain, treat infection, or control bleeding) you should:

  • Contact your dentist (remote service members) or military dental treatment facility (DTF-referred service members) If you are unsure of your status (remote or DTF-referred), click here. There is also available guidance for Academy Cadets and Midshipmen.
  • Call United Conocrdia's dental emergency line at 1-800-858-0051*
  • Click here for information on dental emergencies, to include an emergency teledentistry option for remote ADSMs.

For more information on remote and DTF-referred emergency policies, click here.

*This line is to be used for dental emergencies only. It's available from 6 p.m. Sunday to 10 p.m. Friday, Eastern Time. You may also seek care for a dental emergency from your closest emergency room. The healthcare system may be overwhelmed with medical patients at this time. We recommend that you first contact your dentist and/or United Concordia for assistance for dental emergencies.

Your Oral Health, social distancing and COVID-19: You may have questions about how to safely care for your oral health at home. We're here to help. Our Dental Distancing infographic provides guidance on how to maintain your oral and overall health during the pandemic and beyond.